January 20, 2014

10 Years Ago Today, Rusty Said "Let there be blog." And Rusty saw the blog, and it was good: 10 Years of Blog Sabbaths **STICKY**UPDATED**

1/20/2014 UPDATE: Scroll down for original non-updated post.

Wow, thanks to so many of you for the well wishes and linkage, I appreciate it. Since it's a holiday today I'm going to take the day off. But just a couple of things.

If you're new to the Jawa Report why not read the two posts I put up in anticipation to this one?
1) The Jawa Report: 10 Years of Fatwas & Death Threats! -- which is .... er ... pretty self explanatory, but includes such classics as "devil will do meatballs from your body" and "I will cut ur neck"
2) The Jawa Report: Celebrating 10 Years of Offending People Who Need to Be Offended -- which is a short highlight reel of the "important" posts we've done over the years, including my very first post explaining why I started this thing, the Reutersgate picture kill, "Death to all Juice!", and my favorite death threat from my favorite droned terrorist.

Let me also direct you to James Joyner's excellent post on the days of blogging gone by. Blogging once was a community. Blogs were about talking to other blogs. I miss that. We used to do something called "trackbacks" which were a way of notifying one blog that you were posting related content and linking to their post. That way, we knew who was linking us and could comment back to them. It was a conversation. Now, not as much. So how can we get that back without going back to the obsession of "rankings"? That's a real question. Feel free to email me suggestions or drop them in the comments. Blogs made a difference in the 2004 elections, but I don't think we've had much impact since then. There's got to be some way of retaining independence but maximizing impact.

Also, this is the point where I'd link back to all of you but the simultaneous Instalanche, Hot Air & Ace link (thanks Gabe) means I'm not really sure who all the well wishers are. See what I mean about trackbacks? So a blanked thanks!

------- BEGIN ORIGINAL POST --------

"Six days thou shalt blog, and do all thy work. But the seventh day is the blog sabbath of the Lord. In it thou shalt not blog. Neither thee, nor thy co-bloggers, nor thy wives, nor thy concubines.

Also, best not to let the wives know about the concubines. That's not a commandment, just a bit of free advice."

~Austin 3:16

Can you believe it's been 10 years since I started this blog? Soon after I started blogging I realized I was getting burned out. So, I started the blog sabbath. Just a promise to myself that I'd spend at least one day a week blog free.

As the good Lord said, "Man was not made for blogs, but blogs for man."

And by the "Lord" I mean Glenn Reynolds. I think.

But my ten year blogoversary falls on the blog sabbath this year. What to do? I think Jesus said it best when he said, "Which of you shall have an ass, like Vinnie, when he falls into a pit on the sabbath day won't straightway point your fingers at him and laugh?? Ha-ha!"

He said that right after he condemned that dirty whore to death by stoning. It's in there. In the back somewhere.

That last little bit is one of the oldest running gags here. When Muslims would tell me they love the Prophet Jesus, also that stoning is Allah's will for the unfaithful wife .... yeah, I guess I missed that part in the New Testament.

I actually grew up observing Sunday as a sabbath day, the Lord's Day, the day of resurrection and of renewal. I still do. Mostly.

But I was also taught that the sabbath was not just a day of rest, but a day to give thanks, and a day to do good. So, in that spirit, let me give a few shoutouts.

Let me give thanks to Charles Johnson, of Little Green Footballs, my blogfather. He has left the fold, yet if it wasn't for him this blog never would have gotten off the ground. We're still here Charles. Come on home whenever you want.

Thanks to Allahpundit and to Ace of Spades for their early support. In many ways the humor and irreverence of this blog began with those two in mind. 10 years ago blogging under a badass pen name was actually the norm. But it's good to see at least two of the OGs still keeping the faith.

Thanks to Robert Spencer, for tirelessly speaking his mind. His voice helped me find my own. Why speaking out against religion is ok, but, not, you know, the single religion which must not be criticized doesn't strike people as hypocritical and always leaves me scratching my head. Moreover, I safely receive death threats behind the veil of internet anonymity, but Robert gets many more such threats and he does so in public. He and I have had our disagreements over the years. He has had the class to keep these between us. Thank you Robert, you are a much braver man than I am.

A shout out to Emperor Misha of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller. The name of this blog owes a little bit to Misha. You see, 10 years ago Misha was directly confronting, well, idiots. He tried to offend them. His url was (and still is) nicedoggie.net. So, I thought something like "Nice Jawa" would be a good name. Then, that old joke, "No, my Jawa doesn't bite. But that's not my Jawa!" So .... My Pet Jawa.

Yeah, I know that's kind of free form thought. But that's how I named the blog. Thanks Misha!

When did I change the name of the blog from My Pet Jawa to The Jawa Report? Oh, that's a story worthy of telling.

Way back when, I don't remember exactly when, but Howie was already on board co-blogging so probably 8 years ago, there was this new thing called "Google News". [I looked it up, it was Oct. 2004] So this "Google News" thing decided that aljazeera.net -- not aljazeera.com, aljazeera.net -- which was just a blog run by some lunatic anti-Israel professor -- was listed as "News".

Back then, there were maybe only a couple of hundred sources on Google News. So, I thought it would be really funny if I could get Google to list my blog as "news". And I thought adding "Report" to anything makes it sound serious. Yeah, I'm looking at you Matt Drudge. And so, The Jawa Report! Now a Google News source.

Not anymore. But still, we had some fun with that while it lasted. Good times.

A number of other bloggers need a shout out of thanks here. Michelle Malkin, who was always so quick to link when a bleg from me came her way. Also, for being just so nice. Seriously, the chick has class.

Ed Morrisey, for being a voice of reason and a cool competitor back when we were all trying to claw our way to the top -- and he made it! Congrats. No bad feelings. No sour grapes for going corporate and getting a paycheck for this. The fact that I get paid almost nothing while you have health care benefits for blogging doesn't bother me a bit. That I have to keep my lousy day job while you're living off the fat of the land. Kudos. But I do know where you live. That's not a threat. I'm just kidding. But not really.

Thanks to Stacey McCain, Jeff Goldstein, and Jim Hoft. The thing about these guys? They are exactly like their blog personas in person. I mean exactly. McCain? Just as abrasive and funny in person. Jim? Just as serious and committed to the cause as you'd expect. I'm also glad to hear that Jim is feeling better and back to blogging. And Goldstein? I always thought I was an instigator. But Goldstein takes that to a whole new level. I start stuff on the internet. This guy does it in real life.

Stacey gets a second shout out along with Jason Mattera. The pair once arranged a clandestine meeting of bloggers along with Andrew Breitbart. One of my fondest blogging memories. Hanging out with some of my heroes. And getting to tell the press "No photos!".

Rusty at the British Museum

There are a bunch of other bloggers I need to thank for supporting me over the years. Some of them still blogging, many more who have hung up the fedora. If I miss you in this list, I apologize. Most of these are bloggers I need to thank for early support and inspiration. Many more of you have inspired me over the years, but these guys did so in the early months of my blogging. Steve Sherman, the Kommissar, my other blogfather who is no longer a political blogger. Aaron, of Aaron's Ranblog. Iowahawk, FrankJ, and Scott Ott for being so funny. Kate of Small Dead Animals for teaching me that Canadians, unlike gingers, do have souls. Laughing Wolf for general military awesomeness. The Grand Vizier, the Llama Butchers, and The Maximum Leader for teh funny. James Joyner of OTB and Kevin Aylward for helping a brutha out. Laurence Simon for being Full of Crap. Bill Roggio for overall journalistic excellence, and Bill Ardalino for a set of cajones so big he has to carry them in a shopping cart when he goes to a war zone. Dean Esmay for, I dunno, stuff and junk. Cox and Forkum and Yogi Love for the art. Jeff Quinton for general awesomeness. Rumcrook, who you'll still see in the comments from time to time. Cooper -- whatever happened to Grimey? Simon of Simon World -- who I can't link because of some virus infesting his old site. Scott from Election Projection for just beating me to the 10 year punch. Way Off Bass for being my brother in the good news. Publius and Senator Pundit -- where are you guys? Hatemongers Quarterly -- for the H8t3. NZ Bear for, literally, putting us on the map. No-pasaran for ... Fwance! Big Hominid for ... Korea! Spoooon! Right on red, because you rulez. Hot Abercrombie Chick for the linkbait. M.H. King for being cool. Vodkapundit for being sober, sometimes. Michelle from A Small Victory -- where is she these days?

And, of course, Glenn Reynolds for the (very) occasional link.

Over the years I've also had some wonderful co-bloggers. Like most bloggers, many of them have hung up the gloves. Some of them I've lost touch with over the years. Others check in from time to time. Let me apologize to them for the lack of contact. I suck. There's no other excuse.

These include the lost: BRD of Anticipatory Retalliation, who went on from blogging to make a documentary about Darfur.
Demosophist -- dude, where are you? I hope you found your dream job and your niche. Gordon, the Cranky Neocon -- also, would love to hear from you bro. Chris Short -- also AWOL and would love to hear what's up. See Dubya -- broseph? Ragnar -- keep fighting for Texas! Good Lt. -- hope all is well. Black Flag -- the underworld of the intertubez still await. Barbarossa & Ronin -- man, we miss you. Mike Pechar, the Interested Participant -- one of my oldest friends who we still hear from on the very, very rare occassion. Merri -- you must have so much patience, because ... Vinnie! [UPDATE: Oh, and Bluto! How could I have forgotten the Dread Pundit Bluto who I just found on Twitter again? Thanks bro!]

And to the co-blogs that I still keep in touch with and who do, from time to time, still post here.

Jane Novak, who is not only a friend and co-blogger, but the only blogger I know to be a national hero. Ok, so it's not our nation, but still -- she's a voice of reason and liberty for a whole country stuck bass ackwards in the stone ages. Of all my co-blogs, she's the one I've known the longest and she's also the one who's probably had the most real world impact. She's just incredible and someday I hope that Yemen will rise to a level of progress which includes minimum standards of decency and human rights.

Newbie, aka, Matt Damon, who at last count has lost his login 9 separate times. Thanks for all you do.

DMartyr who, shares my sense of humor and need to offend the right people. And for the awesome pShop skillz. Thanks.


Vinnie for never letting me get too full of myself and for introducing me to Brad Thor, who once almost shot me (for reeelz). Vinnie and I are kindrid spirits. He's my own Ron Swanson. A government employee who loves guns and who hates the government. Vinnie is truly awesome. I hope someday we'll meet in real life.

Howie, my most loyal sidekick and who I've actually met a couple of times. So much has happened over the years that I don't know where to begin with Howie. He gave us the scare of a lifetime when a hee took on a deer with motorcycle, and lost. He beat that close call, and he's in the midsts of another scare. That's why he's not around. But the guy can't die. It's science. He's truly a good and loyal friend and I hope that I can repay him for his friendship someday.

To Stable Hand. We miss you SH. I'm literally about to cry thinking of you. Keep SH in your prayers. She needs it. Seriously.

And to Professor Chaos who was not only there in the beginning, but before the beginning. We actually had a blog together before this one and he was there from the get go. And still is. I don't know how to explain our friendship, but it's real. And our buddy still back at USC: say hi to George Lucas for me and tell him I still think he's an a**hole for the whole Greedo thing.

Aaron -- I'm not sure what category to put you into. You're like the Emperor to my Darth Vader. You taught me to use the Dark Side of the Force in the meat world. Despite popular myth, we are not the same guy. Although I have been known to play one on TV. Say hi to your lovely wife for me. She is a saint.

Last but not least of the inner circle is Pixy Misa for hosting this blog for free for almost 10 years. Despite how much I grumble about this stupid old version of virus infected MT that won't allow us to rebuild old posts, you do get what you pay for. Pixy, you are awesome!

Whew, that took a lot longer to write then I planned. Something's wrong with the spell check in Chrome, so do me a favor and pretend this whole thing is spelled right and with the propper grammer and what not. I also intended to say so much more to so many more people. Especially my many many blogchildren. my friends at YouTube Smackdown, and to the you the commenters. I wanted to thank so many of you. But I'm outta steam and outta time. So, thanks! If you drop a line in the comments section I'll try to say hi and to thank you personally.

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