January 17, 2014

DOJ Says Will No Longer 'Profile' Muslims

Of course most Muslims aren't terrorists. But most terrorists are Muslims. It's simply a matter of resource management. If you pretend that all people are equally likely to be bad, then you will inevetably spend your valuable time looking at the innocent. Which means the bad guys are under less scrutiny. Which means more crime, or in this case more terrorism.

That the Eric Holder's DOJ is insanely politically correct to the point of a death wish is the bad news. The good news is that since this is so clearly insane, very few people in law enforcement will do anything more than give lip service to the policy:

President Obama's Department of Justice wants to "expand its definition of racial profiling" so that federal agents will no longer be able to consider religion, national origin, or gender/sexual orientation in their investigations...

ACLU national security attorney Hina Shamsi praised the proposed changes, saying: "Putting an end to [these profiling techniques] not only comports with the Constitution, it would put real teeth to the F.B.I.'s claims that it wants better relationships with minorities."

That's funny: since when did being gay or being Muslim constitute a race?

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