January 13, 2014

Taliban Leader Mysteriously Removed from FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List, Even Though He was Never on It

Apparently the people of Pakistan are shocked (SHOCKED!) that Mullah Omar has been secretly removed from the FBI's most wanted terrorist list. Several Pakistani papers are reprinting this story:

Why Mullah Omar is no more a wanted terrorist?

Senior officials at the US State Department in Washington are clueless about the conspicuous removal of the ‘ameer’ of the Afghan Taliban Mullah Mohammad Omar’s name from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most wanted terrorists’ list.

It has been over 12 years since the former ruler of Afghanistan and founder of Taliban movement vanished into the trackless terrain outside Kandahar amidst repeated claims by US authorities that he is guiding his militia while hiding somewhere in Pakistan, possibly in Quetta. But the authorities in Islamabad keep refuting the American claims as baseless.

Asked by this scribe during a visit of the US State Department in Washington why Mullah Omar’s name no more exists on the FBI’s website amongst the most wanted terrorists, a senior official of State Department’s Bureau of Counter Terrorism expressed lack of knowledge about the development, adding that he could only tell that he still features on the State Department’s list under the Reward for Justice programme, offering $10 million to anyone who provides information leading to the capture of the reclusive ‘ameer’ of the Afghan Taliban.

A conspiracy? Um, no. You have to wait until the sixth paragraph to learn what's going on:
But senior FBI officials in Washington now claim [while requesting anonymity] that Mullah Omar’s name was never on the FBI’s most wanted list.
End of story, right? No, the author then goes on for another dozen or so paragraphs ignoring the FBI's statemen, ending the story with this:
The covert US raid that led to Osama’s killing did cause speculations that Mullah Omar will be the next target of the American commandos. But these rumours are set to die down with the removal of his name from FBI’s list of most wanted terrorists.
So, is this an FBI conspiracy? Are we no longer at war with the Taliban?

So, I looked at the FBI's most wanted terrorist list from 2011 through the Internet Archive. Mullah Omar isn't on there. The reward for his capture is offered by the State Department, not the FBI and apparently always has been.

They call that journalism in Pakistan. And we wonder why Pakistanis of all political stripes hate us?

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