January 11, 2014

Details on the AQ Linked Plot to Derail Toronto - New York Train

It's a pretty in depth story, but worth the read as it gives some pretty good detail as to how the FBI & RCP worked together to arrest the pair of would-be jihadis attempting to derail a passenger train. Among the details in the story:

An RCMP constable and an FBI employee known as Tamer both infiltrated the alleged conspiracy early on and proved “very effective,” according to police.

In addition to Mr. Esseghaier and Mr. Jaser, two others were identified by police during the investigation in relation to terrorist activity but have not been arrested.

For Mr. Jaser, acquiring a rental house and land was “integral to his planning of terrorist acts,” the RCMP alleged.

Mr. Esseghaier had traveled to Iran prior to his arrest, the documents indicate. The RCMP has said the train plotters received “direction and guidance” from Al-Qaeda “elements” in Iran.

Al Qaeda training in .... Iran. The area they went ofor training was actually near the Afghan border. It's not clear to me whether the implication is that the Iranians are letting AQ do their thing here or if this is one of those instances where the Iranians would like to have AQ out of the area but just don't really have real control over the territory. Or, maybe, some mixture of both.

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