January 10, 2014

What, Me Worry? US Vets of Syrian Civil War Being Recruited by AQ for Attacks Against Homeland

Or, the inevitable consequences of dozens of Americans going to Syria to fight. Add that to the thousands of Europeans who are there now, and eventually you have what we call in the business: a problem.

And if I have this right, then American jihadis who went to Syria and returned before the al Nusrah Front was designated a terrorist group, then they didn't do anything illegal.


Islamic extremist groups in Syria with ties to Al Qaeda are trying to identify, recruit and train Americans and other Westerners who have traveled there to get them to carry out attacks when they return home, according to senior American intelligence and counterterrorism officials.

These efforts, which the officials say are in the early stages, are the latest challenge that the conflict in Syria has created, not just for Europe but for the United States, as the civil war has become a magnet for Westerners seeking to fight with the rebels against the government of President Bashar al-Assad. At least 70 Americans have either traveled to Syria, or tried to, since the civil war started three years ago, according to the intelligence and counterterrorism officials a figure that has not previously been disclosed.

That's 70 Americans that we know of. One wonders if there are any more that we don't know of?

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