January 09, 2014

ISIS: Yeah, We're Murdering Tribal Leaders in Iraq

I think maybe I forgot to mention in that last post about al Qaeda now controlling more actual territory that there is also an actual shooting war going on in Iraq, with ISIS pretty much taking over Fallujah and Ramadi.

And just to remind people that things haven't changed much, here's a pic tweeted just a few hours ago by al Qaeda itself. The caption is "Implementation of the judgment of God on the awakening leader in Salahuddin province".

This isn't even Muslims shooting other Muslims in the back of the head for being the wrong kind of Muslim. Presumably most of the tribal Awakening leaders are themselves Sunnis like al Qaeda, and not Shiites like those in government power.

This is Sunni Islamists murdering other Sunnis because they don't show the appropriate amount of enthusiasm for al Qaeda's "liberation" of Anbar province, aren't the right kind of Islamist, aren't Islamists at all and believe in a more secular governance, or wish to retain tribal power at the expense of al Qaeda's power.

In the end it doesn't matter which. All that matters is that they got on the wrong side of al Qaeda. And no matter how much al Qaeda wishes to refashion themselves as the "Islamic State" of this or that, in the end they are really just a bunch of thugs with a cause and with guns.


I'll remind you that it's al Qaeda themselves putting these photos out. They take great pride in murdering people.

Meanwhile, Iraq's leadership is complaining that we've kind of dropped the ball. Really, ya think?

I'm not saying this is our mess to fix. I'm done with these people. It's a problem, but it's not our problem.

But it would be nice if the media would force Obama to own the consequences of the mess he's made with his policy choices.

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