January 09, 2014

Obama Win! AQ Now Controls More Territory

How's the reset with the Muslim world working for Obama? That great, huh? I have an idea: let's give this guy a nobel prize:

From around Aleppo in western Syria to small areas of Falluja in central Iraq, al Qaeda now controls territory that stretches more than 400 miles across the heart of the Middle East, according to English and Arab language news accounts as well as accounts on jihadist websites.

Indeed, al Qaeda appears to control more territory in the Arab world than it has done at any time in its history.

And remember how Obama said he wanted to abandon Iraq so we could use lazer like focus on defeating al Qaeda?

Yeah, me neither. I don't remember him saying anything like that nor a buncfh of idiots in Norway giving him a Nobel Peace Prize. None. Of. It. Ever. Happened.

Instead ........ minimum wage!

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