January 09, 2014

Good News: AQ Ousted from Aleppo Bad News: 70 Prisoners Found Dead

Is it possible that the more secular elements in the Syrian revolution are finally getting the upper hand on the al Qaeda affiliates? Reports over the past few weeks suggest that the various factions are in a full blown shooting war with each other.

I'm not sure what the long term strategic outcome of this intra-rebellion fighitng is going to be, but I am sure of this one thing: Dead al Qaeda = Good.

But to muddy the waters even more, there are two separate al Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria. The al Nusrah Front and ISIS. Al Nusrah is now fighting with the secular Free Syrian Army against ISIS.

When one al Qaeda affiliated group thinks the other al Qaeda affiliated group has maybe gone a little crazy, then you know things have gotten bad on the ground.


Syrian rebels on Wednesday ousted the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS] from its last major base in the city of Aleppo, freeing 300 mostly civilian prisoners and dealing an enormous setback to the al Qaida-affiliated group.

Fighters who raised the flags of both the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army and the recently formed Islamic Front over the base found the bodies of 70 people who’d been detained and killed by ISIS at the Aleppo Eye Hospital, which the group had seized and turned into a base, Syrian television journalist Hazem Dakel told McClatchy.

It's not clear why the 70 prisoners were murdered by ISIS, but the account of one of the freed Turkish journalists is tellling. He was blindfolded, shackled, and interoggated for three weeks.

The accused crime? Since his news outlet was Turkish, and every one know the J-O-Os really control Turkey from behind the scene, then Q.E.D -- he was an Israeli spy!

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