January 08, 2014

Where's .... Everyone?


Omaha national guardsman Travis Kitkowski is offering his apologies to two Nebraska police officers after he attacked them while running down the street nude, high on bath salts.
Oklahoman given 'atomic wedgie' died from suffocation, trauma to head.

A man has been arrested in a Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma homicide. The man said he gave his stepfather, who died from suffocation and trauma, an “atomic wedgie,” officials said.

An upstate New Yorker held his entire family hostage for a week armed with only 15 cases of beer, police said.
Matt Damon:
Two suspected methamphetamine manufacturers were taken into custody in Oregon after they tried to tip their server with an envelope crammed full of the drug following an evening of dinner and drinks at a restaurant in Seaside.

Ryan Bensen, 40, and Erica Manley, 37, went to the Twisted Fish Steakhouse for a good meal and ended up on the hook for charges of possession and manufacture of methamphetamine after their server turned them in to police.

.... and .... Rusty is .....

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Photo courtesy The Realist of Queensland

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