January 07, 2014

Fauxtography: The Syrian Massacre That Wasn't

Since the Syrian opposition is now busy fighting amongst themselves, it would be wise to remind readers that many of the extraordinary claims made against anti-regime forces are .... hard to believe.

Frankly, we are talking about a regime here that has a propaganda machine modeled after the Soviet Union's. So, it should come as no surprise that many of the so-called "attrocities" just never happened.

Check out this article from The Interpretor, which examines the role of Russian state media in propigating the lies of the Assad regime about what would have been the worst single massacre by the opposition -- had it actually occured. This would be the "massacre" of 80 Christians and Alawites in Adra back in December.

The problem? It doesn't appear to have happened.

The only photographic evidecne shows caskets from a month before the alleged massacre.


So just remember that both sides in this civil war in Syria lie so often that it is probably the best course of action to remain skeptical of all extraordinary claims. You'll know they are lying when their lips move.

Thanks to Zionist Internet Overlord #1

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