January 06, 2014

Of Course: Cold Weather Proof Positive of Global Warming

So on the way back from lunch I turned on NPR's "The Takeaway" (I'm an academic, we have to listen to NPR -- it's in the contract) The lead topic? How all this cold weather is proof positive that conservative global warming naysayers were so dead wrong.

The takeaway being something like: hey, wingnuts, you're all a bunch of flat earthers!

Your tax dollars, hard at work.

I used to have this same conversation with my Euroweenie friends whenever it got cold. The theory behind global cooling in the Northern Hemisphere caused by global warming is based on a shift in the Atlantic currents as the causal mechanism.

It's cold, so, see, the theory is correct!

The thing is the dreaded reversal in the Atlantic "conveyer belt" which moves vast amounts of warm water northward hasn't happened. It might happen. It could happen. Global warning fanatics believe it is likely to happen. But it hasn't.

So, the independent variable (the cause) hasn't changed, yet the dependent variable (the effect -- cooling in the North) has, then one has to wonder what, if anything, the theory is trying to show? Certainly not cause and effect. And if the theory shows neither cause nor effect, then is it a theory at all?

The answer: no.

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