January 03, 2014

Beaten By Husband, Muslim Woman Dies On Video

A tragic story.

This young woman had so much potential and, judging by her family's responses to the hospital staff, she was a kind, loving person. But her husband, in exercising his religious right to beat his wife, took her life.

Nezami, a vibrant 27-year-old woman who could speak three languages, wanted to pursue an advanced degree in engineering at Michigan Technological University. Instead, she was brain dead just a few weeks after unpacking her bags, the victim of a fatal beating by her new husband, according to police.

Technology allowed family in Iran to watch her final hours. The family's faith in the hospital staff led to consent for an extraordinary donation: Nezami's heart, lungs and other life-saving organs were transplanted to seven people in the U.S., a remarkable gift that occurs in less than 1 percent of all cases.

One part that also stood out for me, is that funeral services were given by an Episcopal priest, not a Muslim cleric:

Nezami was buried Dec. 18 in a local cemetery. As a light snow fell, the hospital's chaplain, the Rev. Leon Jarvis, read Muslim prayers over the casket while about 20 people, mostly nurses and others who cared for her, watched.

Jarvis, an Episcopal priest, said he pledged to Nezami's father that "as long as I draw breath and live in this city, your daughter will never be alone."

Where was the Muslim community, which has quite a large presence in Michigan? Where no imams available for the services?

Can you imagine the Muslim community in a Muslim country coming together in such respect for a non-Muslim victim of domestic violence?

Sadly, I can't.

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