December 27, 2013

Religion of Peace Roundup 2013 Clearance Edition

Islamists of all flavors are busy padding the year end corpse martyr count

Massive car bomb explodes in Beirut, Hezbollah suspected, because look calligraphy!

Missile attack on Iranian dissident Camp Liberty. Or Iranians killing Iranians for being the wrong kind of Iranians.

Dozens of Syrian rebels die in government ambush. Or rebels still holding Maaloula it just depends on your perspective.

Egypt declares Muslim Brotherhood are terrorists, Libyan terrorists like totally offended.

A car bomb targeted the French Embassy in Tripoli Libya

Unidentified gunmen have killed a military officer in a drive-by shooting in the eastern city of Benghazi, Libyan officials said.

Al-Shabaab bombs people for eating. Because, well it was there?

al-Nusra posts class picture of newest generation of butchers, Allahu Ackbar!

If you're a displaced Palestinian who has lived in a Syrian refugee camp for 40 years, its almost over!

Taliban training for World Cup with severed heads, I shit you not.

The only misogny that doesn't matter will be that which is done by Muslim men. Phobes!

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