December 26, 2013

al-Qaeda Murders 26 Christians on Baby Jesus' Birthday

Religion of something something.

At least 26 people were killed and 38 others were wounded on Wednesday when a car bomb exploded in a parking lot near St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in a southern neighborhood of Baghdad, according to police and medical officials.

The bomb detonated at the end of Christmas prayers as worshipers were leaving the church in Dora, the officials said.

The victims, most of them Christians, included women and children, as well as a number of police officers posted to guard the church.

A few minutes before the bombing, and barely half a mile away, a series of three other explosions in a market in an Assyrian Christian neighborhood killed 11 people and wounded 22.

Here is some video of the bombing of the Assyrian market.

We must warn that its very graphic.

Thanks to Pam, but I'd like to note that the Allahu Ackbars coming from the Muslims present who are helping the victims are not the same Allahu Ackbars! that the al-Qaeda terrorists said when they let off the bomb.

al-Qaeda are murderous Murtad who should pay the price for this.

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