December 26, 2013

Video: Hostage Warren Weinstein


SLAMABAD (Reuters) - A U.S. development worker kidnapped in Pakistan by al Qaeda two years ago appealed to President Barack Obama to intervene and help negotiate his release, in a video released on Thursday.

In a 13-minute clip issued by al Qaeda's media wing and posted on several news websites, Warren Weinstein, 72, looked gaunt and tired.

The video is here, thanks to Jeenyus.

We pray for his unconditional release.

Update: The video above was from 2012. Here is the new one.

Thanks to Birbal Dhar.

Update II: Here is a BBC report with a statement from Warren's family from this fall.

Update III: He was also forced to make a video appealing to the Israelis for help as he is a Jewish American.

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