December 18, 2013

Syrian Islamic Front Inexplicably Refuses Talks With the West

I've like totally no idea at all.....

The U.S. ambassador to Damascus has said a newly formed Islamist alliance in war-torn Syria has refused to meet with American officials, in an interview aired Wednesday on Al Arabiya News Channel.

“The Islamic Front has refused to sit with us without giving any reason,” Robert Ford said, just one day after U.S. State Secretary John Kerry spoke of a “possible” meeting with Syria’s biggest opposition alliance

“We are ready to sit with them because we talk to all parties and political groups in Syria,” Ford told Al Arabiya, speaking in Arabic.

I mean it could be that maybe they are under the influence of al-Qaeda? Or the primary exporter of Wahhabism Saudi Arabia? Or both?

Just repeat to yourself Islam is a Religion of Peace and continue rocking quietly in the corner while your government ponders our next attempt at peace through dialogue.

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