December 17, 2013

6 US Troops Killed in Copter Crash in A-Stan, Taliban Claim they Shot it Down

RIP. Our prayers are with the families:

Six U.S. troops were killed in a helicopter crash on Tuesday in southern Afghanistan.

Other media reported the troops were NATO members; Fox News confirmed the troops were part of the NATO force but were Americans.

“The cause of the crash is under investigation,” NATO said in a statement reported by Fox News. “However, initial reporting indicates there was no enemy activity in the area at the time”

Military officials suspect engine failure is the cause of the crash, CNN reported.

And on cue, the Taliban take credit:
Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have shot down the helicopter of foreign troops in Shahjoi district today, according to officials reporting from southern Zabul province.

The attack took place at around 03:00 pm local time today as the helicopter was flying over Ibraheem Khelo area at a low altitude, causing the chopper to violently plummet onto the ground in a ball of fire which killed all 8 invaders and crew onboard.

Don't put too much faith in the Taliban's claim. They always claim helicopter crashes are the result of the 'mujahideen'.

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