December 17, 2013

Chessler: To Go From Unknown Group to Media Star, Bash Israel

Hating Jews its all the rage....

Why did the unnoticed, far-left and very minor American Academic Association pick on Israel? Is there a better way to get attention?

The American Studies Association - the organization which just voted to boycott Israeli academics and cultural institutions - did so via a grand total of 1,252 votes. Thus, two-thirds of the voters, or only 826 academics voted to boycott their Israeli counterparts - no, make that their Israeli superiors. The vote represents 21% of all eligible voting members and 17% of their total membership of 5,000.

This group launched no boycotts against Cuba, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Somalia,Pakistan, Iran, or Afghanistan - all places where dissent is a capital crime and where gender and religious apartheid are practiced; nor did they boycott Sudan, where anti-black slavery is openly practiced.

...But why is she - and her cohort - picking on Israel? Well, is there a better or quicker way of getting some attention?

Well there is probably, but it involves explosives.

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