December 13, 2013

A Lie So Big, It Had to Come from the BBC

Get this, the guy who says he was a fan of Osama bin Laden, who was inspired to jihad by the "Revolution Muslim" website, and who was just caught trying (and failing) to blow up the Wichita, KA airport ......:

Mr Loewen, an aviation technician, does not appear to have been affiliated with any religious group, police said.

Seriously, when "YALAAAAAAAAAAAA!" dropped this in the comments of that last post I thought it must have been a joke. So I went to the BBC website to check out the claim, thinking, surely, this was one of those things in the headlines that was misleading and then when you got to the story it turns out the whole thing is how this guy, Terry Lee Loewen, was radicalized online and wanted to become a jihadi.

Nope. Not a word.

But it's worse than that. We've come to expect silence when it comes to the ROP, but this is worse than silence: it's outright propaganda.

They used to just mislead by omitting key information: lies of omission.

Lies of omission lend themselves to plausible deniability. Oh, did we fail to mention the guy was screaming Allahu akbar! as he tried to blow himself up? Oops, sorry.

But this is just out and out misleading the readers with false information.

I've went ahead and archived the post, lest sometime in the next hour that sentence suddenly disappears and a new one appears about how this guy was a big Osama bin Laden fan and had sent money to Younes Abdullah Muhammad's grieving wife.

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