December 11, 2013

Muslims Accuse Food Charity Of Racism

A Norwegian food charity is being accused of racism for serving Norwegian food to Muslim refugees. The ungrateful Muslim asylum seekers are demanding that the charity provide them with Middle Eastern foods:

You might think that the Muslims who have been evacuated from war-torn Syria would appreciate the kindness of the people of Norway. Think again. In the small Norwegian town of Hønefoss, a group of about twenty-five of them, protested their food. It's poison and they're not getting enough.

"We're fleeing the war, not the food" one protester is quoted at the Norwegian news site [Ed: Google Translate version is HERE.]

They want their Middle Eastern food, not what the Norwegians eat. They march through the town with "Hunger Strike" scribbled on their blue cafeteria trays, accusing the Norwegians of racism.

(Hat Tip: TROP)

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