December 10, 2013

Alive Saudi Woman Declared Dead; Sent To Morgue

A Saudi woman was sent to the hospital morgue after doctors erroneously declared her dead:

"I was declared dead at 11.45am after a Caesarian operation."

That was not from a horror movie, but an extract from of a newspaper interview with a Saudi woman who claims she was pronounced dead by doctors and locked in a corpse-filled morgue for two hours.

The macabre incident took place nearly two years ago, but the woman is still locked in a court battle against Jahra hospital in Kuwait City.

Things like this happen in many societies, most often in third world countries without modern medical technology. But in an Islamic society, maybe this has something to do with it:

Saudi Arabia has told its hospitals to prevent male doctors from checking dead women following a demand by the Gulf Kingdom's top Islamic scholar.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh, Saudi Arabia's grand Mufti, sent a letter to the health ministry asking it to ensure male doctors at all hospitals in the country of 29 million people will not be allowed to check dead women either in medical or criminal cases.

"The Mufti made clear that the body of a woman whether alive or dead must be respected and should not be seen by males," Arar newspaper said.

Because respecting her body is much more important than saving her life.

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