December 09, 2013

Islamists Invent New Way to Behead Captives

Why Muslims just can't seem to snag many Nobel Prizes for contributing to humankind is beyond me....


From Arutz Sheva via TROP:

In a newly published video, made by an organization identified with Al Qaeda, terrorists proudly demonstrate what they call "the fastest way to behead Alawites."

A captive is seen kneeling, his hands tied behind his body and his eyes covered with cloth. In front of him is a pickup truck equipped with a heavy machine gun. A member of the Islamist organization points the gun to the victim's head and fires, as cries of "Allahu akbar" are heard.

Update by Howie: The video is below the fold. Its from an Assad Regime source so there is the possibility that its pure constructed propaganda.

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