December 06, 2013

Teen Sisters Runaway To Syria To Help Rebels; Rebels Promptly Take Them Hostage

From NOWMedia:

OSLO - Two teenaged Norwegian sisters who ran away from home in October, saying they wanted to help rebels in Syria, are indeed in the war-wracked country, a lawyer for their family confirmed Thursday. [...]

Their disappearance in mid-October, with messages to the family that they planned to go to Syria to support insurgents there, prompted Norway to launch an international search for them through Interpol.

Their father told NRK at the end of October that online messages he had received from the girls suggested they had made it to Syria, where they said they were being "held against their will" by rebels.

I'm not sure why Norway is going through the trouble of an international search through Interpol. These girls want to live under sharia law. They want to aid Islamic rebels. Their dreams are being fulfilled. Norway should leave them be.

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