December 05, 2013

Muslims Beat Man Nearly To Death For Daring To Help An Elderly Muslimah

From DNAIndia via TROP:

VT Prasad has been hospitalised for severe injuries and internal bleeding.

According to police, 35 men suspected to be from Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) attacked the reporter near his house, beating him up with clubs and sticks and dragged him to a distance of 100 metres before they dumped him.

The group tried to prevent him from being taken to hospital, blocking the road leading to Kolnad. When the ambulance arrived, they surrounded the vehicle and tried to drag him out. A strong crowd of locals intervened and shifted him to Mangalore hospital, where his condition is stated to be critical, but stable.

What offense did he commit to deserve such treatment by The Religion of Peace™?

Prasad helped an old Muslim woman who was living alone in abject poverty. He collected donations from local residents and helped her build a small house on a piece of land she owned.

The horror.

I do not think "dignity" means what these Muslims think it means...

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