December 03, 2013

Terror Supporting Pres. of SFSU General Union of Palestinian Students Also Keen on Stabbing Israelis

I'm guessing this guy is a Tea Partier


The fact that SFSU hasn't and won't do anything just goes to show that most of what passes for cultural sensitivity is just slang for we don't believe brown people are as morally accountable as white people. It's not even the soft bigotry of low expectations, it's the hard bigotry of believing Muslims don't have it in them to act in a civilized manner and therefore we'll treat them like children. Or retards.

And yes, this guy does support terrorism. The last time I checked, Hamas is a terrorist organization and it looks like he has fond feelings for them.


And the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, also a terrorist organization.


Background here. Someone do me a favor and let me know if SFSU actually does anything about this guy or the Palestinian student organization he leads.

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