December 03, 2013

Blaming Terrorism on Climate Change

During the Dark Ages the ignorant masses blamed God or demons for every event that seemed out of the ordinary. Crops fail? It's the wrath of God. Turn into a newt? Got better? The Devil's consort, a witch.

We know that "Climate Change" is nothing more than the new mysticism because it isn't science. Scientific theories produce hypothesis which can be nullified. That's fancy talk for when theory claims something will happen, and it doesn't, then normally we say the theory is either wrong or needs some serious tweaking.

But with "Climate Change" everything is "proof" of the theory, and nothing that happens can disprove it -- the exact opposite of the scientific method. But which is perfectly in line with faith or mysticism.

So, the temperature is rising? Climate Change! The temperature is falling? Climate Change! Ice sheets get bigger? Climate Change! Ice sheets get smaller? Climate Change!

We need only wait a few more years until turning into a newt will also be blamed on Climate Change!

Climate change, the new God or the new Devil? Either way, it's the Dark Ages all over again. Actual headline: How climate change is helping Al Qaeda.

In order to back up the claim that climate change is responsible for the increase in terrorism in Africa, the rag then decides to ask ...... a guy who works for an "energy efficiency company" and two academics -- one at Berkeley and one at UT Austin. Only the green energy guy claims there's a connection. So, when the two academics come out and say there's no evidence that climate change is increasing conflict and therefore violent extermism -- with the UT Austin guy going so far as saying:

The science is just not there yet,
The rag replies:
But those who live in the region see a direct — and very personal — link
Get that? Climate Change! is science. It's settled. But when the experts say, "Actually, there's no scientific evidence of a link between Climate Change! and violence" the media replies with .... well, a bunch of illiterate tribespeople and a guy with a personal stake in promoting green energy claim there's a link so there must be!

Science is science when it proves your point. But science isn't science when it doesn't. In fact, the narrative of illiterate villagers is also science when that narrative "proves" your point.

And having settled the question, what does the rag then propose as the solution? If you guess wrong, you're a moron:

Sloan advocates sustainable rural electrification via mini-hydro, solar or wind. “If you empower someone you give them the feeling that they have some control over their own fate,”
So, there you are. In order to fight al Qaeda we need to adopt more green energy.


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