November 26, 2013

FBI Censors Consider Quran too "Offensive" to Present in Counter Terror Training

I actually took the time and looked at the whole document which shows various slides from powerpoint presentations that were purged from FBI counterterror training because they were deemed "offensive". Most of the censored images and slides were pretty milquetoast, there's no way any one outside a university sociology department gets offended by these.

Other slides are offensive, but obviously intentionally so that the audience will see what bigoted statements/images/stereotypes look like. One such slide shows Yosemite Sam as an Arab in a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon but the intent of the slide is obvious as it's labelled "Biases and Perception".

So, not only are the PC warriors eager to suppress speech deemed unpopular, they are also too stupid to realize when such "offensive" speech is being used in support of their preferred position.

But it gets worse then that. In an effort to show that Islam has no more of a violent streak than any other religion they .... censor slides simply quoting from the Quran.


It takes a lot of chutzpah to censor counter terror training in the name of cultural sensitivity while at the same time claiming that the Quran can't be used in such training because it is inherently offensive to the sensibilities of ..... Muslims.

You can't read the Quran. It might give you the wrong idea about Islam!

I'm not saying that the above quotation from the Quran is the guiding principle for all Muslims. No more than quoting Jesus' "turn the other cheek" would ever be taken as the controlling verse for most Christians.

But if one were studying Christian pacifism of course one would have to look at Bible versus that could be read as pacific! The same is true of Islamist terror: it didn't come out of nowhere. It has a history. It has a context. And that context is Islam.

If the FBI wants its agents to understand Islamist terror of course they must understand Quranic versus which could be read as condoning violence in the name of God. Not because this is what Western bigots say about Islam, but because it is what some Muslims say to each other about Islam. The jihadi mindset is steeped in Quranic readings and traditions.

I'm not saying that the jihadis represent true Islam, only that they themselves claim to be the true followers of Islam. If we don't know what the enemy believes, then how can we identify who the enemy are? And if we don't know who the enemy are, then how can we fight them.

In any event, the Washington Examiner story is here and from that link you can download the PDF file documenting the FBI's censorship efforts.

I just found the whole thing both disgusting and deliciously ironic so I had to comment on it.

PS -- I'm closing the comments on this post because I know a bunch of you are going to spout off on how terrorists are just good Muslims doing what Allah tells them to do. This from Catholics who are convinced they represent "real" Christianity, or from Evangelicals who think their version of Christianity is the "authentic" one. Which is to say it's not up to me to judge what "real" Islam is or isn't.

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