November 18, 2013

French Hostage Escapes Nigerian Islamists

Good for him:

A French engineer abducted by Islamist militants in Nigeria has managed to escape after nearly a year in captivity, officials said on Sunday, in the latest dramatic turn for French hostages abroad.

President Francois Hollande announced that Francis Collomp, 63, was free after being taken by Islamist militants on December 19, 2012, in the state of Katsina in northern Nigeria...

"He watched his captors' prayer time. They always prayed for 15 minutes. And yesterday they did not lock the door to his cell," Mr Adeleye said. "While they were at prayer he sneaked out and began to run."

Mr Collomp stopped a motorcycle taxi and had it take him to the nearest police station, from where he was brought to Kaduna, the regional capital.

In related news, a french Priest was abducted in Camaroon last week with reports that he was taken to Nigeria by his Islamist captors. I'm guessing his collar isn't going to do him any favors with the terrorists holding him.

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