November 16, 2013

Abu Sayyaf Suspected Behind Murder, Kidnapping of Tourist Couple in Malaysia

It looks like the Filipino al Qaeda affiliate, Abu Sayyaf, murdered a Taiwanese tourist in Malaysia and then kidnapped his wife. The murdered husband probably got the better deal:

MALAYSIAN police believe an al-Qaida linked terror group from the Philippines is behind the killing of a Taiwanese tourist and the kidnapping of his wife.

Unidentified gunmen shot dead Li-Min Hsu, 57, and kidnapped his wife An-Wei Chang, 56, early on Friday on Pom Pom Island, a popular scuba diving location in the eastern state of Sabah on Borneo island....

Khalid added the attackers were believed to have come in a group of eight in a speedboat.

The fear is with so much of the Filipino military tied up with disaster recovery that Abu Sayyaf terrorists are more free to do their thing. As if the Philippines didn't have so many other worries right now.

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