November 15, 2013

Tea Partier Prime Suspect in String of Northwest Bombings

This guy's a right-winger, right? I mean, if the three bombings are related then it's definitely the Tea Party. Fits the profile.

They hate the government: check

They hate, er, ..... churches.

And they especially .... um ... hate Vietnam Vets:

An improvised explosive device blew out windows and ignited a small fire at the Jackson County prosecutor's office in Medford, Ore., Wednesday, but authorities said the damage could have been far worse had it ignited a large propane tank at the scene....

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of those responsible for leaving the devices in Coos Bay, which a source described as smaller propane tanks. One was found at the base of Vietnam War Memorial at a city park on Aug. 22.
On Sept. 3, someone placed another IED inside a church.

So, yeah, definitely someone from the Tea Party. Probably inspired by Ted Cruz.

This could not be some left wing Operation Wall Street type because as every one knows those people love the government, Christianity, and the military!

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