November 13, 2013

UN Human Rights Council Appointments Are a Joke

I mean an effing joke double clutch but I hate to curse in too many headlines.

New appointment include

Cuba: A communist police state where political dissent or private enterprise can get your prison time.

Russia: Who you have to give credit for fighting the Nazis but probably killed more of their own people as the USSR than they did Nazi soldiers.

China: A communist police state where a relatively minor crime can get you marched up to a trench and shot in the back of the head, your family will be billed for the bullet.

And the worst of them all?

Saudi Arabia, women can't even drive or leave the house without a male relative. They have religious police. They still practice beheading and stoning.

Infidels are not allowed freedom of movement nor freedom of association. Its a true brutally religious apartheid state in the Middle East, but its not the apartheid you'll hear much about from the UN Human Rights Council I'm afraid.

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