November 13, 2013

Why Bill Clinton's Comments on Healthcare Are BS

Yesterday Bill Clinton said something about, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to these people...." when talking about the number of people who's plans have been cancelled under Obamacare when they were told, "If you like your plan you can keep your plan."

Um yeah, about that. Now Bill may just be helping Hillary our for 2016 and that's about all it means because it comes too late. These canceled plans are over, kaput. Its what "canceled means".

The same with the government shutdown a while back, why was it a tactical mistake? Because it was too late. It was a done deal, it was inevitable. If there was to be any real change it would have had to been just after the 2012 election through say June of 2013.

So the buzz about Clinton now is just more political theater, there is no real split between Obama and Clinton because they know, well its over. You can say anything you like.

So looking ahead, the ObamaCare roll out plans will not achieve financial sustainability, these plans will be shelled into companies that can and will die on the vine.

But like Bill says, if you can't keep the promise to keep your plan, you can tweak it a bit. But when these plans fail the importance of having any plan at all will outweigh any discussion of "your old plan".

There will have to be change.

What I found in the bronze level, not the platinum level, in the bronze level, there's a PPO HSA policy that, between the higher premiums and the much higher maximum out-of-pocket costs, will cost me probably more than $5,000 a year more than what I'm already paying for health insurance.

It's been a total sticker shock. I have had some health issues this year, and I have had to reduce some of my workload. It's a real hardship right now. My husband is 67 years old. I'm 58. We are desperately trying to save for retirement.

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...I voted for President Obama twice. And I was totally supportive of the idea that every person should have access to affordable health care.

Um, uh I'm like totally refraining from stupid bitch comments today, but this would be a good place for one.

Anyway, they'll toss in a few sweeteners like say letting this lady buy a plan with no maternity care. They'll soften her five thousand dollar hit to say only 4200 and call it a "break for working families" or some sh*t like that.

The number of people paying the fine and not buying in will insure that these plans will have to be rescued from financial collapse, Like Bill says, "We should honor the commitment the federal government made to these people." There will be no choice.

That commitment being that Obamacare will work and lead to more people being insured. And if it can't be done at a profit, no one is going to buy out a money losing plan so they can lose more money are they?

I think we can all see where this is leading.

Update: Drew is correct, even if Upton's niece is like super hot, the bill is too little too late.

On Friday the House will take up a bill sponsored by Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton (yes, he's Kate's uncle) that purports to let people who have health insurance polices keep them regardless of the ACA and HHS regulations. I say "purports" because it's unclear that the damage done by ObmaCare can be undone in time to prevent people from losing coverage on January 1st.
But I do have a problem with Drew's post. If you mention Kate Upton you have to upload Kate Upton. Its a rule.

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