November 11, 2013

Great: Jihadi Group in Syria Claims they have an "Air Force"

Screencap of video showing Jaish al-Islam's (Syria) "Air Force"

And by "Air Force" they mean they've managed to salvage a couple of old Czech made trainers which can be armed, but which probably would be shot down fairly quickly if a Syrian MIG showed up for a dogfight.

But, still, for people who are more used to using 30mm truck mounted machine guns to try to shoot down planes, this is a step up:

Jaish al-Islam the Army of Islam last week published a YouTube video documenting its activities against the Assad regime, in which it showcases its two L-39ZA Albatros fighter aircraft captured earlier this year from a Syrian Air Force base east of Aleppo.

While the video shows the two small jet aircraft taxiing down a runway, it remains to be seen whether the Islamist militia has the experienced personnel and equipment necessary to operate the planes.

As a note, the video doesn't actually show the planes flying. So, good luck with that.

UPDATE: DMartyr found actual footage of the Islamic Army's "Air Force" in action below.

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