November 11, 2013

Out: Death to America! -- In: Death to .... France?

Wait, America is now #2 on Iran's enemy's list? Come on America, we can do better then this!

FRANCE was at the centre of a diplomatic storm yesterday after the French foreign minister was accused of sabotaging a deal with Iran which would end almost a decade-long standoff over the Iranian nuclear programme.

The most strident criticism came from Iran, where hardline press condemned the "disgraceful behaviour" of French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius at negotiations in Geneva.

There were suggestions in Iranian media that trade ties should be severed with France and the country should replace America as the "Great Satan".

When France takes a harder line on Iran then America, you know your foreign policy team is led by either by a moron or an aging hippie liberal douche. Or both.

But you already knew that.


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