November 07, 2013

Senate Passes Bill Forcing Rusty to Re-Hire Vinnie!

Vinnie gets ready for work

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the House never takes the bill up because I don't think I could stand looking at Vinnie -- or as he wanted us to call him, "Chelsea" -- in high heels for one minute longer:

The Senate on Thursday passed a historic bill to prevent discrimination against gay and transgender employees sending the bill to the House where GOP leaders have signaled that its dead on arrival.

Ten Republicans joined all Democrats in a 64-32 bipartisan vote. House Speaker John A. Boehner said earlier this week he will not bring it up for a vote.

In all seriousness, though, I don't believe in the legitimacy of any anti-discrimination laws. Governments ought not have the right to second guess any hiring/firing decision.

And these types of laws are in fact inherently unfair because it sets up special classes of people who have legal recourse above and beyond what other classes of people have.

So, for instance, women and minorities already have special legal status before courts because when they are fired a court can review the circumstances of that firing to make sure they weren't fired 'for the wrong reasons'.

But fire a white guy? Then there is no legal recourse. At least, no additional legal recourse beyond what everybody gets. But fire a woman or minority and in addition to normal recourse to law available to everyone special legalized protections accrue to them not available to everyone else.

I'm not arguing for discrimination, only that government has: a) neither the moral authority to stop it when it occurs between private individuals because that is not a legitimate role for government; nor b) has the capability of doing it in an equitable and just manner because when government does try to enforce anti-discrimination laws in the private sector it violates those very norms of equity they claim to be trying to protect.

So, please don't make me rehire Vinnie!

Also, I should have a help wanted post up by the end of the week. Lesbians are encouraged to apply. But only lipstick lesbians. You know, the hot kind.

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