November 07, 2013

FYI - Columbus, OH Company Helping Terrorists in Iraq (updated PWNED!)

Above the old post update by Rusty: Let me just thank those of you who complained and to Jumpline for promptly removing the terrorist's website.

Sometimes we complain and complain and companies do nothing or say something along the lines of "prove it!", but to have the website taken down the same day as complaints started rolling in is a good sign that they didn't know who they were hosting and took appropriate action as soon as they found out.


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Just in case anyone pretending to enforce federal law, like OFAC, cares anymore. Or maybe they're all too busy these days looking into the backgrounds of Tea Party activists?

To paraphrase Return of the Jedi: It's an older site, it still checked out. In fact, somebody in Dubai just paid for domain registration for yet another year.


The website belongs to the "Jihad and Change Front", an umbrella organization that claims to speak for a number of violent Sunni groups in Iraq. The two most prominent of these groups are the Islamic Army in Iraq and the Ansar al-Sunnah, both known for their brutal beheading videos and the latter a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization by the State Department under their more commonly known name, Ansar al-Islam.

So, I'm pretty sure that hosting the website is illegal. But if not, it certainly is immoral and should be. =
Webhost =
Columbus, Ohio
Webhost abuse:
Registrar abuse:

I hotlinked that image above. When you can't see it anymore, then we'll know their account has been suspended.

If you refresh the post you'll notice the hotlinked image is dead.



Oh I almost forgot.

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