November 05, 2013

Good Guys Push Out Bad Guys in 19 Syrian Towns

Are there really any good guys in the Syrian conflict? Yes, there are. The Kurds:

Kurdish fighters have driven jihadists from 19 towns and villages across northeastern Syria in recent days, a week after capturing a key Iraqi border crossing, a monitoring group said Monday.

The Committees for the Protection of the Kurdish People (YPJ), the main Kurdish militia in Syria, has battled other rebel groups in a bid to carve out an autonomous region in the northeast, where the army is no longer deployed.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based group that relies on local activists and other sources, said that "since Saturday, a total of 19 localities have fallen into the hands of Kurdish fighters."

If you want to go to a place in the Mideast where the people actually like Americans (outside of Israel, of course) go to Kurdistan. I've been calling for the US to recognize a Kurdish state for years and now that Iraq is once more descending into chaos maybe now is the time to begin pushing for this again. At the very least a Kurdish state would be a reliable ally in a sea of instability and double crossing.

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