November 05, 2013

Good News: Terrorists Openly Fundraising on Twitter, Facebook

The propaganda is by terror groups on the internet is nothing new. Neither is fundraising. But the fact that this is now going on openly, with no fear of retribution is a new thing.

Given that Twitter and Facebook are both US companies it is illegal for them to provide any services to terror groups let alone facilitating fundraising:

To some Syrian rebels and their supporters, Twitter is not just a communications tool but also an online cash machine, useful for soliciting donations or even running auctions for donated cars and jewelry.

The sites’ growing popularity among the more extremist Syrian rebel groups — including some with ties to al-Qaeda — has prompted calls for more stringent policing by the U.S. companies that own them. A handful of accounts have been blocked, but the vast majority continue to operate...

Groups in Kuwait that support the Syrian rebels have used Twitter to run increasingly elaborate fundraising drives, including online auctions that accept cash bids for donated luxury goods, including Land Rover SUVs, diamond necklaces and resort properties.

Hell yes they should be stopped, and the internet companies that provide terrorists support should be held accountable.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:12 PM | Comments |