November 04, 2013

Good News: Turkey Busy Facilitating al Qaeda

So, we have two bits of news that run counter to each other. Today on the jihadi forums members were warning others to stay on the down low if going through Turkey to Syria because the Turkish government was cracking down.

But if the Turks are cracking down on Salaafi al Qaeda types passing through on the caravan of martyrs to Syria, CNN didn't detect any of it:

One man -- we'll call him Ibrahim -- has a clearer idea why so many foreigners come here: he's a smuggler, working to facilitate recruits joining the Syrian al Qaeda-linked radical group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Ibrahim collects many jihadis from the airport -- in fact, he left our interview to collect a Saudi man arriving a few hours later.....

In the past few months, Ibrahim tells me, he's moved about 400 people across the border, and that the rate of people making the crossing has almost tripled since the chemical attacks on the Damascus suburbs in August. And that's just him; there are many other smugglers operating in the area.

It's kind of a long story, but it's one you'll want to read.

Let's remind the Turks that during the Iraq insurgency Syria facilitated al Qaeda types, too. How did that turn out for Syria?

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