November 04, 2013

NY Leader of ICNA Convicted in Bangladesh for Mass Murder

Ashrafuz Zaman Khan is an Imam, leader of the Queens branch of the Islamic Circle of North America, and of the United National Antiwar Coalition. At least, he was antiwar when "antiwar" meant "US stop killing Islamists!" Now, I'm guessing it's not so much given that the ICNA vocally supports intervention in Syria. Here he is giving a speech in which he calls the US, his adopted homeland, the real terrorists.

He was convicted today in Bangladesh in absentia for war crimes:

A war-crimes tribunal in Bangladesh on Sunday sentenced two expatriates -- one now living in the United States and the other in Britain -- to death by hanging for the murder of 18 people, including prominent intellectuals, during the country's 1971 war of independence from Pakistan.

A verdict released in the capital, Dhaka, said the two men, who were tried in absentia, were guilty of "aiding, abetting, instructing, ordering, encouraging and providing moral support to" the killers of the 18 people, described as university professors, journalists and physicians, who supported the independence movement. The verdict said the two men "had de facto reasonable material and authority to control" those responsible....

The judges said in their ruling that the deaths were carried out by a "killing squad" associated with the pro-Pakistani Al-Badr militia, and that Mr. Mueen Uddin and Mr. Khan were important leaders in the group.

This is one time where I can say it's unfortunate that we won't extradite the SOB back to Bangladesh where the death sentence awaits him.

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