November 02, 2013

MEMRI YouTube Account Suspended

YouTube is claiming that the Middle East Media Research Institute's YouTube account was suspended for multiple "copyright violations". Clearly MEMRI was within their fair use rights to post video from Arab TV stations calling for the annihilation of Jews, support of terrorism, and general buffoonery since. You can legally post portions of copyrighted media for news reporting and political criticism, which clearly MEMRI is engaged in.

But I think we know the real reason YouTube yanked MEMRI's YouTube channel: followers of the religion of the perpetually outraged complained.

Don't make them angry. You wouldn't like them when they're angry.

Here's a screenshot:

Memri YouTube Terminated.jpg

Thanks to Israel Survival Updates

Update: Here is the video that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood doesn't want you see. The one that got MEMRI banned.

I've a copy if anyone needs it to upload.

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