November 01, 2013

Shots fired at LAX -- UPDATE: Had Rifle, In Custody, 1 TSA Agent Dead


LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A TSA employee has been shot at a checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 3.

The victim's condition is unknown at this time.

It's unclear if a suspect is in custody

UPDATE by Rusty:
The Los Angeles International Airport shooter "pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire in" Terminal 3 on Friday morning, airport police Chief Patrick Gannon told reporters....

A TSA agent shot Friday at the Los Angeles International Airport is dead, according to an intelligence source briefed by Los Angeles police and a federal source....

The shooter walked to the security checkpoint, pulled out a concealed assault rifle and shot the TSA agent; the shooter then went through the checkpoint, and a police officer shot the shooter.

So, the shooter killed a TSA agent with a rifle -- that they're calling an "assault" rifle, but the normal media rule applies here that no one in the media knows what an assault rifle looks like so they're all "assault rifles" to them -- was himself shot by a police officer on duty, but the Times is also reporting that a third victim was checked into the hospital.

Reports are that the suspect is in custody.

UPDATE: Make that one dead and three at the hospital. I just saw the presser on the local Fox affiliate.

The newsies are reporting that it was an "AK-47 type assault weapon", but a guy who was standing near the perp as he opened fire claims he didn't hear the rifle shot, and the guy claims he's a hunter heading back to Canada.

Over at Hot Air, AP has some photos of what looks like a rifle on the ground, and it doesn't look like an "AK type" of rifle to me. Maybe an AR lookalike chambered in a .22? That would explain why it didn't make that much noise.

Here it is.

rifle at lax shooting.JPG

I don't know how tall that cop is, so hard to gain perspective on the rifle's size, but it looks about right for all those AR lookalikes you see at WalMart (outside of CA, of course). Most of them are .22s. Just a guess until we have something more than that.

Update Matt Damon: Shooter is from Southern Jersey...

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