October 31, 2013

!!!! Joseph "Yousef al Khattab" Cohen (of Revolution Muslim) Pleads Guilty in Fed Court!!!

Joseph "Yousef al-Khattab" Cohen calls for nuking Israel

OMFG!!!! Joey "Yousef al Khattab" Cohen, one of the founder of the now defunct Revolution Muslim website, has pleaded guilty of making online threats!

Praise Allah!

Longtime readers of The Jawa Report -- and now we're talking way, way back -- will remember Joey and his Revolution Muslim website as being one of the key mouthpieces for Islamist radicalism in the US. The website long denounced the US and praised the violent Islamists we were fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq as freedom fighters. On more than one occasion the website praised Osama bin Laden. They even praised Nidal Hasan after the homegrown terrorist had committed mass murder at Ft. Hood.

Khattab mocks the victims of 9/11

Many former authors and readers of the website have been convicted in terrorism related cases. Those include the other founder of the website Jesse "Younes Abdullah" Morton who was convicted of threatening the creators of South Park and Zachary "Abu Talhah al-Amrikee" Chesser for attempting to join the al Qaeda linked al Shabaab in Somalia. Others affiliated with the website and its owners include Carlos Almonte and Mohamed Hamoud Alessa, both of whom were also convicted of attempting to join al Shabaab, but the former is more famously known for his "Death to all Juice" sign.

Another little known connection between the Revolution Muslim crowd and terror is that it is very likely that Nidal Hasan himself was a reader of the website. Duane Reasoner, a confidant of Nidal Hasan in the months leading up to Ft. Hood, was a fan of Revolution Muslim who had sometimes commented on the website and on the group's YouTube page. Evidence suggests that Hasan himself also was a registered user of the Revolution Muslim website. The screenshot above suggests just that as Nidal Hasan was known for using the "Slave of Allah" slang to describe himself in other contexts.

But these are just a few anecdotes. Just how deep were the connections between the Revolution Muslim website and homegrown terrorists and Islamists radicals in the US? A 2010 report concluded that nearly 1/3 of all domestic terror cases in the US at that time had links to al-Khattab and Revolution Muslim.

But my glee at Joey's conviction is more than just the general one of a patriot happy that a supporter of our enemies is going to jail, it's personal. Al-Khattab and myself have what you'd call a history. If Samir Khan -- a now deceased member of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula who was also personally acquainted with Cohen -- was my first online nemesis, then Joey "Yousef al-Khattab" Cohen was my second. In fact, Khattab first came to my attention because long before Samir Khan fled the US for the comfort of Anwar al-Awlaki's car (where he was droned) he had Khattab blogrolled on his now defunct Inshallahshaheed site.

Yousef Cohen quoted in al Qaeda's English language magazine Inspire, edited by former friend Samir Khan

Here is a screencap from one of Khattab's early videos. In it, Yousef makes light of Daniel Pearl's murder by al Qaeda. Yes, those are Tusken Raiders (Sand People) as al Qaeda. Joey got the idea from a post I did way back when I started this website. He was not only provoking supporters of Pearl and enemies of al Qaeada everywhere, he was provoking me personally. Notice the Jawa.

Image from a video made by Khattab mocking Daniel Pearl

We even talked on the phone once way back when we were doing a podcast. You can thank Vinnie for setting that one up.

The two of us went back and forth for years until, one by one, friends and fans of Revolution Muslim began to go to jail. Eventually Khattab fled the US and landed in Morocco where he stayed for a few years. He eventually came back to the US, enrolled in college, and declared himself a changed man. He even went on CNN to talk about his "former" radicalism. CNN described this new Khattab as a "moderate".

Except, as we showed here, he was lying. He still was a radical. He still wanted to do things like nuke Israel.

Khattab the "moderate" reaffirms his stance on nuking Israel

The history is too long and storied to go on in the time I have today. Let's leave it at that and move on to the story. But first, this photo summary of what Khattab thought of me:

An image Khattab posted at his "The Jew Report" threatening me


A New Jersey man who prosecutors say used his Islamic Web site to advocate violence against those whose ideals he found offensive to his religion pleaded guilty Wednesday to using the Internet to put another in fear of death or injury, admitting that he posted material supportive of various terrorist attacks and hinted that his followers should target a Jewish organization in Brooklyn.

Yousef Mohamid al-Khattab, 45, an American-born man with dual citizenship in Israel, told a federal judge in Virginia that he wrote the posts “out of my stupidity.” Yet he vigorously disagreed with prosecutors’ assertion that he intended to incite violence.

“I never intended to physically hurt anybody,” Khattab said. “I think they could prove it, but that’s not my intention, Your Honor.”

And that, my friends, is what they call grade-A bullshit! If Khattab never intended to hurt anybody, then why did he inspire so many people to join terrorist groups? If he never meant to hurt anybody, then why did he post the names and addresses of Jewish activists in NY?

[UPDATE: Oh, yeah, we have a screenshot thanks to Howie]

Screenshot of post in which Khattab urged retribution against Jews in NY for Israeli military actions against Palestinian terrorists

It's the same thing his co-founder Jesse "Younes Abdullah Muhammad" Morton claimed when he was arrested for threatening Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Morton and accomplice Zachary Chesser made threatening statements coupled with directions and maps to Parker and Stone's house!

Having followed Khattab's antics for years and talked with him on the phone there are a lot of words that come to mind when describing him: traitor, jerk, cad, Islamist, etc -- but stupid is not one of them.

Joey knew what he was doing when he posted the names and addresses of those he opposed. One of his fans was responsible for the largest terror attack on US soil since 9/11 ... what did he think was going to happen?

So, goodbye Yousef, I can't say you'll be missed. He faces up to five years in jail and I hope the judge sentences him to the max. If he does, he'll have five hears to contemplate where his life went so wrong -- from Judaism to Islamic fundamentalism. He'll also have five years to watch out for his cornhole.

And on that note, we'll end this post with yet another, possibly more apt photo, of Khattab contemplating just that.

Yousef al Khattab contemplates his cornhole

UPDATE: After reading Youseff's Facebook feed I realized that he is not in jail while he awaits the sentencing. He's a free man (for now).

So, we'll have at least one more post on Yousef. I'll save MC Hammer for that one.

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