October 31, 2013

Ministry of Boobies: Spooky Edition

Somehow given my life experience I suspect this lady isn't the first to find herself scantily clad is a graveyard. But this time its for a good cause.

A Polish photographer did not break the law by conducting a photo shoot with a half-naked model at the Jewish cemetery in Checiny, Polish lawmakers held this week after a complaint was filed.


The city prosecutor in the Polish city of Kielce decided this week that Polish photographer Lukasz Szczygielski did not intend to insult the religious sensibilities of the cemetery of the Jewish community and that his main objective was art when he photographed a topless model at the Jewish cemetery in Checiny in August, TVN 24 reported.

At the time, Szczygielski explained that he wanted to draw attention to the neglected cemetery in the southern Poland town.

All the controversial images are here

Also a NSFW set of Szczygielski's work is here. Tough job that photography. Anyway feel free to surf through those, because Halloween is spooky and nothing calms your irrational fear like boobies.

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