October 30, 2013

Rand Paul: Cut Off Aid to Countries that Persecute Christians

It's one of those obvious ideas that should be a no brainer but which will go nowhere because ... not giving money to Muslim countries is racist or something:

"We spend over a million dollars to Pakistan. There is a (Christian) woman on death row for blasphemy. She said she drew water from a Muslim well and they beat her and charged her with blaspheming. She said she just tried to drink from a Muslim's well. The president shouldn't send money. No more money to countries killing Christians, period."
Yeah, I'm pretty sure he meant we spend over a billion dollars to Pakistan, not millions, but you get the idea.

I'd go further than this and cut off religious visas to people from countries which didn't offer reciprocity. In other words, no more Saudi clerics coming to the US so long as Saudi Arabia doesn't allow US clerics over there.

Thanks to Lou.

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