October 28, 2013

The Lost Return of the Jedi Laserdisk

Back in the day I worked for organized crime AKA an amusement company. Anyway I once dropped a Laserdisk for Dragon's Lair. It rolled on the edge like a penny, I was able to use my palms to save it before it ever touched flat on the floor. Which of course would have ruined the disk and put an end to my employment and my free Galaga fringe benefit.

But I digress.

For Star Wars fans, Christmas has come early. Last week, never-before-seen footage from Return of the Jedi appeared on Facebook, posted by a fan who bought an old LaserDisc that Lucasfilm created back in the '80s to showcase an editing system.

The fan has posted nine videos to a Facebook page so far. Most are alternate takes of well-known scenes, such as when Luke Skywalker visits Jedi Master Yoda for the last time. There's also a minute-long clip of R2-D2 repairing Luke's X-Wing fighter on Dagobah.

All the clips are here.

The Project Droid Facebook page is here.

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