October 24, 2013

David Brooks Compares 60's Hippies to Tea Party

Yeah yeah David, you statist dick face, we know the 60's counter culture was a failure, mainly because the hippies decided they really liked money. You know living in a commune with no running water, after a while it gets old and very smelly.

So they became greed is good Yuppies. Many of their original causes fading away in favor of 8 balls of coke, Polyester Suits and Disco.

BUT, being descended from hippies myself, no one can deny the influence that they had on the culture. I'm glad disco is dead. But forty years later Rock and Roll is no longer "devil's music" the sexual revolution not only deposed the old norms, its made deviation the norm, women work, they vote and they lead. And its so hard to find someone who's never tried weed, even presidents, the drug war is collapsing in on itself, We have a Socialist president who also happens to be black, etc etc etc.

Yeah looks like they like totally failed to change America..... end sarcasm.

The term Tea Party, which is really made up of people of various political flavors that espouse fiscal responsibility has become a scarlet letter. First used by the far left out of fear they might drown out the occupiers and now adopted by the statist ruling class of "mainstream" Democrats and Republicans.

They must turn the Tea Party from a Movement of the People to The Other because the ruling class fears one thing, any change that makes any establishment Republican or Democrat accountable for anything. Even if its costs the nation everything in the long run, that's OK with them. So long as people like David Brooks get a salary to tell you what you should think.

So I'm not a TEA party member but the underlying principal is one of fiscal responsibility. I can certainly understand that and don't consider them radicals or out to tear the nation apart. But rather trying to save the nation and the middle class from fiscal disaster. Often against long odds and deaf ears, so that there may be an America as we knew it to pass down.

But I'm not sure the TEA Party play their politics right, I mean Gingrich lost his job and is considered a failure, while Bill Clinton is praised and credited for a balanced budget Gingrich dragged Clinton kicking and screaming to. Clinton was smart enough to not only give the other side what it wanted, but to then pretend it was all his idea in the first place.

So who was deserves the credit? Who's the real hero on that? The one who gave everything to make America better or the one who, well you know, they don't call him Slick Willie for nothing.

In the same manner the TEA Party would have served itself well to just have made it clear that Obamacare would be a disaster, then give Obama what he wanted. Let that Obamacare anvil hang around Obama and the Democrats' neck till next November. Then see what happens. I can tell you it won't be pretty.

So while not everyone wants to be a TEA Partier I think we should all get behind the principals of limited government and fiscal responsibility which is the basis of the TEA Party movement.

Because if you're a liberal, sure there are programs that help the poor, but if they spend the government into the ground all those programs you like they're not cut, they're gone, bankrupt, kaput within the next generation.

If you're libertarian the best way to limit government is through the purse, they can try to tell you how to live, but take away that purse and its just bark with no bite.

If you're a traditional Republican, you like freedom, a strong defense and honest government. Well the current government defense is mainly aimed at the enemy within, not our true enemies. The interference of government in people''s lives has long passed the border of fascism, honest government? MOFO please!

So in the long run if the TEA Party is even half as successful at influencing the future of America as the New Left, Hippies and 60's counterculture were, even if they don't win every fight, then the statist liars, thieves and communists now controlling DC have every reason to worry.

Because America will be as dramatically changed or nearly so in the next 50 years as it was in the last 50 years. The big loser in that change will be big government neo-communist progressives and Republicans who want to control that same overpowered government for their own pet projects.

That's quite a bit of success for the TEA Party, Its as scary to present day DC as a naked hippie making free love and smoking a bong was to Nixon.

So if the TEA Party is the same as the hippies well then where do I get in line to tune in, turn on and drop out?

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