October 23, 2013

Antisemitic Crimes Up 300% in Swedish City, Prosecutions Down 100%

I don't generally support hate crime legislation, so don't think of this as an endorsement for the practice of punishing thought and speech crimes. Instead, think of this as commentary on Swedish society and Europe's growing indifference to antisemitism.

A counter factual thought experiment: Had the target of the "hate crimes" been Muslims or gays, how many convictions would there be? Da Tech Guy:

Sixty anti-Semitic hate crimes were registered in Malmö in 2012 – almost three times the number in previous years. None of these resulted in a conviction.
The story doesn't say who it was perpetrating the "hate crimes" in Malmo, but lest you think it was a bunch of Scandis painting swastikas let me remind you that Malmo has a high concentration of a certain religion-of-peace and that Swedish police dare not enter certain areas of the city because the locals don't take too kindly to kafirs telling them what to do.

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