October 23, 2013

Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif Arrives in US to Collect One Billion Dollar Jizya

We're actually considering restoring aid to Pakistan because, I dunno, we're retarded.

Even before Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif meets President Barack Obama at the White House on Wednesday, his visit to Washington as the leader of an increasingly democratic Pakistan already was remarkable for one major reason: not a single member of Pakistan’s military was in his delegation.
He brought along the issue of drone strikes with which to extract the Infidel Tax
In no uncertain terms, however, Sharif touched on “a major irritant” in U.S.-Pakistani relations: “the matter of drone strikes, which have deeply disturbed and agitated our people.”

He said the U.S. strikes not only violated Pakistan’s territorial integrity but also were detrimental to his country’s own efforts to combat terrorism.

If we give even one red cent to Pakistan we are the biggest fools on the planet. I mean besides bin-Laden living in downtown Abbottabad, Pakistan is at best duplicitous in regards to Afghanistan and the Taliban. Any shortfall in aid to Pakistan must be made up by their sponsor Saudi Arabia, who is miffed at us for not winning the Jihadist war in Syria for them.

Sending money to Pakistan not only finances our enemies there, but frees up other terrorist sponsors to send more aid to al-Nusra and al-Qaeda operating in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Tunisia, Algeria, need I name more?

You'd think our government would catch on eventually to this game. But expecting politicians to think is a bit much.

Any extorted Jizya disguised as aid to Pakistan is a Lose, Lose for the United States and a Win Win for Islamist and Jihadi terrorist groups. The cost will far outweigh any benefit we get. We think we're buying something with it, but really we're just paying the Jizya already due.

It makes us appear weak, inferior and primed for the next extortion.

Just Don't do it. Don't give or lend Pakistan ONE. RED. CENT. NOT. ONE.

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