October 22, 2013

What if Hot Tub Time Machine Was an ad for Obamacare?

I actually keep getting emails about creepy Obamacare ads but I haven't clicked on a single of the links sent to me because of .... boredom? I dunno, just not interested.

Until today. And, to be honest, I thought this was a joke. No one could be this stupid as to think this would help? It had to be something someone on the right made up, as a goof. Until I did a little digging.

Nope, this is an actual ad paid for by the good citizens of the state of Colorado touting the benefits of Obamacare. Your state sponsored propaganda at work!


It's like Hot Tub Time Machine meets the West Wing.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 01:44 PM | Comments |